(all tracks written and composed by Lonie Walker)

Track Listing

1. Living (The Honeybee Song)
2. False Security
3. Once In Awhile
4. I’ll Drop My Pride
5. Change Is Good
6. Song For Raphael
7. Summer Solstice
8. Your Smile
9. Baby Blue Blues (Chonka Chonk)
10. Dreamin’
11. Who’s Gonna Tell Her the Ship Is Sinking? (Ghosts)
12. Earthquake and Sugar

Original Release Date: November 27, 2001
Label: Underground Wonder Music

CD- CHANGE IS GOOD $15 (+$5 s/h)

“A strikingly distinctive female voice, catchy compositions, and top class sound quality. Starting from the beginning with the relaxed, jazz influenced “Living,” moving to the bluesy, irresistible, mind and soul entering “I’ll Drop my Pride,” to the tender miniatures and explosive trips to the rock mŽtier, Lonie Walker rules the music. And she knows well which buttons to push for the maximum reaction. “Change is Good” highlights the wide appeal style of the band and astonishing arrangements and inventiveness of the pieces and makes for a driving listening adventure. This should be enjoyed at full volume because only then can the full dynamic powerful sound of the studio production with its energy, splendor, and colorfulness be fully appreciated. Above it all reigns Lonie Walker and her smoky voice, enriching her audience for the voice and music worshipped in audiophile circles.”
~ Mathias Böde, STEREO Magazine