about Lonie Walker

ABOUT_LONIEchaotic Lonie

Underground Wonder Bar founder & owner Lonie Walker‘s love affair with the piano began at the age of four when the nuns at her school taught her how to play.  At 15 she left home and hitchhiked across the country with her guitar because “the piano was too heavy to carry” playing on the city streets and at rock festivals.  After a year she arrived in Chicago where she began teaching piano while studying jazz theory at DePaul University. By 18, Lonie was appearing at high profile venues and soon became an established name in the city.

In 1989, Lonie made her permanent mark on the Chicago music landscape when she opened the one and only Underground Wonder Bar. A musical venue unlike anything else in the city, the UWB is where Lonie’s fans come to see her play her Rockin’ Jazz Blues Up Down Soulful Sultry Lively musical Journey several nights a week.

Lonie Walkers music is a combination of rock/soul/funk/jazz/blues which lays bare her soul and expects no less of the crowd.  When Walker takes the stage, the audience senses that there is no where else that she would rather be.

To date, Lonie and her Bad Ass Company Band have performed over 4,000 live shows around the world, and produced six CD’s on the Underground Wonder Music label; Change is Good, Live in Paris, Live in Berlin, All That I’ve Got I Gave To Music, Isadora I Love You, and Breathe to a Beat.

Learn more at loniewalker.com, or spend an evening with Lonie yourself at UWB!